Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Wagon? Oh, yeah. I fell off that....

Yeah, I did. I fell RIGHT off. Whoop! Plop.

I'm getting back on though. And this BLOG is going to help me stay accountable. I gained 5 lbs. NO MORE. NOT GOING BACK. Gotta eat healthy.

You see, financially, I'm in hell. We don't make ends meet. I've cut every corner there is to cut and we don't have any more corners to cut. We simply have more bills than we have income. And over 55% of it is our mortgage. We could sell, but it's an underwater mortgage. And where would be end up? Paying $1000 in rent each month? So we save $400, but it all goes into the toilet so some other shmuck can pay HIS mortgage? Don't get me wrong. If you gotta rent, you gotta rent, but I would eat raman, dried beans, and potatoes every meal before I'd go backwards.

And that's pretty much what we're doing. I use beef bones to flavor food. I use bulk grain mixed in with ground beef to extend what we have when we actually use beef. I use dried beans and lentils to make soup and then freeze 6 servings to use later. I buy potatoes when they're on sale and we eat potato soup, baked potatoes, and home-made "fries." I buy pasta when it's 99 cents for the box. We have our grocery bill (including everything - not just food, so paper towels, cat food, dog food, shampoo, etc. You get it) down to $300 a month. That's incredible.

Anyway, all the financial stress is getting to me and I've let the diet go....Not anymore. I'm back and I'm gonna kick this body's butt.

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