Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whoa! Full-time Job and Preschool!

For those not following along, my son is autistic. He just turned three on the 14th of this month and so could start preschool after his birthday. This last week was CRAZY. I couldn't have picked a more insane time to start my Mary Kay business, I tell ya.

So, let me start off by saying that I've been SUPER naughty. I've pretty much eaten whatever (but I TRY to keep it within reason) and haven't been good about tracking my food. That needs to STOP. Joshua's birthday was no exception. Veggies, hummus, pita bread wedges, and tzatziki along with loads of cookies instead of cake, were a recipe for overeating. Everything but the cookies were SO good for you, but hummus adds up quickly, and GAWD knows what the tzatziki adds up to be. Nevermind the 4 cookies I ate. Ridiculous.

So wipe that off the schedule and I received my Mary Kay business supplies, ie. the starter kit and my QuickBooks software and some basic filing supplies. Tack on the fact that 50 pounds gone means NOT A SINGLE THING FITS anymore. And, I mean, that's a good thing, right? But Mary Kay would like us to be feminine and wear skirts. I wore my ONLY pants suit to my first meeting and that's when I was told that that was okay, mostly, but skirts were preferred. In fact, I've found that many woman believe that as long as there's a skirt, they can be mostly casual. That's another story...

Anyway, I hit up thrift stores. I'm not ashamed to admit that beggars cannot be choosers. I have SO little cash, that I'm starting up Mary Kay. Hello?! Yeah, I don't have hundreds of bucks to spend on clothes that I HOPE TO GAWD don't fit me in 6 months. So, I hit up Value Village and Goodwill. Less than $90 later, I came home with 4-6 skirts, 3 suit jackets, 1 dress suit, and 2 pairs of really nice shoes. And, all of that is a write-off for my business. And you darn well better know I'm keepin' track. Thank you QuickBooks. OH, that reminds me. Hafta add the QuickBook expense to the Office Supplies Expense Account. Whoops.

So, once again, how about the weight?! I lost another pound. Maybe I'm selfish, but I SO wanna see that number get bigger. But, I don't really deserve it at all. I've been SO BAD. Why should I even have lost a pound?! I should be grateful (and I really kinda am), but I find myself getting all bent outta shape about the whole thing. I want more....Sheesh. I'm being such a baby, right? At least it's a loss.

Anyway, more preschool tomorrow morning where Joshua will spend at least 15 minutes with 3 different therapists and 30 minutes with a speech therapist and then the rest of what's left of two hours playing and having a good time. My day starts at 5:40 am tomorrow, so I'd better head off to bed. I feel a cold coming on and I know that means I'd BETTER get to BED NOW! Mom's can't be sick. We're too amazing to be sick.


  1. Good luck on your journey! I'm trying to lose 100 also!
    I use to do Mary Kay but I hated the pressure from my unit to constantly buy product every month!

    1. I'm not an inventory purchaser myself. I will build my store at my own pace.
      And good luck with your weight loss! You CAN do it!